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WARNING: Stop Your Dog's Skin Problems Before It's Too Late...
Like It Almost Was For My Dog Pebbles


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From The Home Of:
Linda Kajda
Dedicated to Pebbles 1995-2010

Dear Dog Lover,

My name is Linda Kajda.  A couple years ago my dog Pebbles lost her beautiful coat of hair and then nearly died because of what I didn't know about dog skincare.

Many dog owners, like you, know what it's like to have a dog suffering from skin problems.  And if you're anything like me, you don't know what to do to help.

By reading my story below, YOU'LL  discover the tips and strategies you need, to CURE your dog's skin problems... the very same ones I learned through helping my Pebbles.  You'll discover how the food your dog eats, the baths you give your dog, and even how your carpet affects your dog's health.

I promise that by the time you have finished reading my story you'll possess proven strategies you can use right now to help your dog with even the most aggressive skin problems.

I found Pebbles while on vacation.  She was the cutest Pomeranian I'd ever seen; a 2 pound ball of energy with lovely Sable colored fur. I never knew 2 years later I would watch helplessly as she lost all her hair in the fight of her life.

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I took Pebbles home and every time I looked at those big, beautiful, round eyes I would just melt.

Then everything came crashing down.

Pebbles was diagnosed with dog skin problems, and her beautiful coat of hair lost its luster.

She lost her hair in small clumps and I wasn't sure what to do.  Her beautiful fanned tail changed into a small, black whip that had a little curl on the end.

Pebbles and I went from vet to vet to vet hoping for a miracle to help her get healthy and grow her fur back. We usually left with our tails between our legs because there was nothing they could recommend. The worst part was, they said Pebbles could lose all her fur; and maybe her life if not treated!

Dog Skin Solutions

I needed help fast.

How Detox Lead To Discovery

I found  out Pebbles had Alopecia (hormone induced hair-loss.) The vet recommended treatment but nothing helped. She also suffered from skin irritations due to unknown causes.

Frustrated, I went to a seminar on Body Detoxification (for humans) and it inspired me in my quest to help Pebbles. I immediately researched natural and holistic treatments for skin care and dieting.

I discovered what was wrong with Pebbles, and I was able to help her RECOVER through natural treatment! I learned that her diet and environment made her sick as well.  She started recovering from Alopecia.

I turned the corner, or so I thought...

Your Dog's Diet and Environment: Deadly?

Just as Pebbles improved, her skin problems came back. She started losing her hair all over again.

I phoned Heidi, a friend and fellow dog owner to ask her for advice. To my surprise, she told me that her dog once had the same symptoms.

She told me that it sounded like my puppy had "dog dandruff" (yes, dogs get it too.)  Her cheap, simple solution floored me...  When she said to give my dog an oatmeal bath, I laughed. But the dandruff went away almost immediately. The oatmeal only cost me $3 bucks, much cheaper than the $100 plus that veterinarians usually charge.

When she told me Pebbles' environment was keeping her from recovering from hair loss, I was skeptical.  When she told me that Pebbles' diet and environment could be deadly, I was shocked.

Everyday I took Heidi's advice and made changes in my home and to Pebbles' diet.  I knew I had to learn all I could to ensure her complete recovery.

But how much does your environment affect your dog?

Discovering "Cures" for Common Dog Skin Problems

I spent hours, days, and weeks searching for ways to help Pebbles. Through my research I learned about all the different things that can affect your dog's skin and health.

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I helped Pebbles recover fully!

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There are countless things in your own yard and home that can cause or aggravate your dog's skin problems.  I want to share these things with you. Learn how chemicals, carpets and even collars affect your dog's health.

Discover how your dog's diet adds or subtracts years off your best friend's life. It's this knowledge that I wish to share with you, because I know how frustrating it can be to not know how to help your dog.

I sat down and compiled a list of all of the things I had discovered, and that every dog owner should know. Before I knew it, I found myself with a wealth of very valuable and useful information...

Dog Skin Care Solutions That Work!

There are cures for dog skin problems! The good news is they are all natural and safe for you, your dog and the environment.

I want to share with you all that I have learned, so you don't have to waste time looking, digging through information, and usually finding only frustration.

I've collected all of the information into one easy to use eBook for you. It has all the answers to all of the questions you've been asking; and some you've never thought to ask.

Years ago I would have loved to have had all of this information to help Pebbles.  Now this information is available to YOU.

"Dog Skin Solutions" is your instant and perfect solution to the painful dog skin problems that your dog struggles with.

But what are some of the basic skin problems dogs deal with?

There are six essential categories that dog skin problems fall into:

paw Dog Skin SolutionsAllergies

paw Dog Skin SolutionsEnvironment

paw Dog Skin SolutionsInfections

paw Dog Skin SolutionsNeurogenic

paw Dog Skin SolutionsNutritional

paw Dog Skin SolutionsParasitic

Most dog owners know a little about only one or two of these categories.  But with my book, you'll be able to identify and treat nearly every dog skin problem!

And you can use these same tips and tricks to bring lasting health to your dog's very long life.

Here's A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover In My Dog Skin Care Solutions Guide...

  • What you should never feed your dog...The easy techniques used by the most trusted... and most respected dog owners to squelch skin problems before they start...

  • How baths can help your dog...

  • Doggie dandruff? How oatmeal makes the difference...

  • How fresh chopped dandelion leaves and a rosemary or marigold bath can help your dog and YOU fight ringworm...

  • Does your dog have fleas...? Or something much, much worse?

  • Fleas – adult fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day on your dog. What you can feed your dog to repel these annoying pests...

  • Why the contents of your dog's food dish might be the cause of his skin problems...

  • How to tell if your dog is scratching or biting the afflicted area...even if you never catch him in the act...

  • Mites might be the problem... learn how to solve it... .

  • 20% of all dogs are allergic to dust mites. Here are rock-solid strategies to keep these ugly crawlers off your dog...

  • Why your dog's bed may be irritating his skin... how to quickly diagnose the problem and fix it...

  • Did you just get new carpet? The little-known reason why new carpet can wreak havoc on your dog's skin...

  • Atopic dermatitis – one of the more common types of skin conditions caused by an allergic reaction through inhalation or absorption through the skin...How oatmeal baths and Omega 3 fatty acid helps...

  • The secret uses of Neem Oil...

  • The "knock-out" strategy for ridding your house, yard and dog of fleas...

  • The stunning reason why you should never take your dog for a walk after a rain!

  • Is your dog making you sick? Most dog skin problems can't be spread to humans. But some can...what to do...

  • Does your dog have red paws? Here's why...and what you can do about it...

  • Is your dog constantly licking the same area, it could be Acral Lick Dermatitis (aka 'lick granuloma'). Here's how to find out...and what to do about it...

  • Hot spots – a very common problem with dogs. Water can help but it's not what you think...

  • A shocking expose on how heartless dog food manufactures haphazardly select ingredients for your dog...and why some commercial mixes can be making your dog sick...

  • Ticks on your dog? Try soaking a cotton ball with liquid soap...

  • A comprehensive glossary of symptoms and possible causes of skin problems. Just look up your dog's particular symptoms and you're on your way to a reliable diagnosis and remedy...

  • Fleas don't like healthy dogs – feed your dog natural foods like fruits and vegetables...

  • What your dog's diet should be...

Don't let your dog suffer another minute. I want you to know what worked for my dog Pebbles, and works on countless other dogs. I will share with you the tips, tricks and secrets that dog owners have used for years to keep their dogs healthy and happy.

These Dog Skin Solutions really work! They worked for me and will work for you.

I'm ready! Give Me Instant Access Now!

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I found Dog Skin Solutions to be very helpful and would recommend it highly."

Lauretta Jorgensen
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All of the information is great, and it really made me realize just what could be causing the hot spots on my German Shepherd.

I'm so glad I found this information – maybe now we can get to the bottom of what's causing this horrible problem!"

Conner Magee
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"I've read this amazing publication, and discovered that my dog was really allergic to dust mites. Both my vet and I didn't have a clue – we felt we'd tried everything! What a find! Simple, easy directions and the problem has almost gone! I highly recommend Dog Skin Solutions!"

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Lynn Luzusky
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Which Of These Dog Skin Problems Does your dog struggle with?  Which Of These Dog Skin Problems do you want cured?

arr Dog Skin Solutions

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Loss of fur

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Constant chewing and gnawing on one spot

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Incessant licking

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Dry, Flaky skin

index clip image005 Dog Skin Solutions

Constant Scratching

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Red Spots

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Your dog deserves to live a happy life free of the pain and aggravation of skin problems.  YOU can provide your dog a healthy and happy life.  YOU can use "Dog Skin Solutions" as the perfect guide to treat the skin care problems your dog faces.

Dog Skin Solutions" is the ready reference guide for nearly every dog skin problem out there. I explain why the problem exists, how to treat it, and how to make sure it never returns.

If you purchase Dog Skin Solutions "now...

You'll also receive these valuable dog care resources
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Free Bonus #1:

How To Control Your Dog's Shedding

If you've got a favorite couch or chair that nobody will sit in because it's covered in fur, this bonus is for you.

In this bonus, I'll reveal...

A simple plan you can  use to prevent excessive shedding... and take back your furniture

Three things that might be making your dog shed more than normal - and how you can systematically eliminate excess fur

The exact grooming techniques (broken out for long haired dogs and short-haired dogs) you can use to help control shedding

A complete list of dogs who shed far less than other dogs


Free Bonus #2:

Pet Massaging - It Truly Works!

How  giving your dog massages can increase their vitality and happiness.

The difference between petting
and massaging.

Discover the techniques used to promote strength and health in your dog.

Learn how pressure points are key to better health.

"Light touch" versus "Heavy touch" massaging.

Pet massaging strengthens your dog's circulatory system.

And because I know every dog owner is trying to find the very best dog supplies without spending every last cent in the bank, I'm including this powerful, money saving bonus...

Free Bonus #3:

Dog Care Basics: Tips & Techniques for Dealing with 17 Everyday Problems

Read about everyday problems you might encounter as a dog owner.

How to deal with bee stings

Cleaning your dog’s ears ...naturally

Which herbs can be used to clear tear stains

How to make your own natural flea spray... and much more.

You'll learn to naturally and effectively manage your dog’s common complaints.

These Bonuses Usually Cost...

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How To Control Your Dog's Shedding (valued at $37)

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Pet Massaging [Audio] (valued at $27)

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This eBook is fantastic. Thank you for writing it."

Barbara Pliska
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This book is the ANSWER you've been looking for...

Your $37 investment in Dog Skin Solutions is fully covered by my...

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Your investment is 100% protected. You've got nothing to lose.  You get INSTANT access in an easy to download eBook to the secrets of treating your dog's skin problems. Have a ready reference to nearly everything that can affect your dog's skin. Guaranteed, or your money back!  Nothing to lose.

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Linda Kajda

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P.S. If you're anything like me, I know you love your dog. You want the best for your dog.  You don't want your dog to suffer anymore. This eBook, PLUS three bonuses, are exactly what your dog needs.

P.P.S. With everything to gain, act today! Your dog's health and happiness is one click away.


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